Arcane Emerald City Protector


Strength 0, Stamina 1, Agility 4, Dexterity 6, Fighting 0, Intellect 4, Awareness 2, Presence 1

Acrobatics (5), Athletics (0), Deception (1), Expertise: Occult (8), Expertise: Magic (14), Insight (2), Intimidation (1), Investigation (5), Perception (6), Persuasion (1), Sleight of Hand (7), Stealth (4), Technology (5), Treatment (5), Vehicles (7)

Animal Empathy, Attractive 1, Luck 1, Ritualist, Eidetic Memory

Power Effects
Quickness (Rituals)
Mental Communication
Ranged Damage
Ranged Mind Control Affliction
Concealment (Normal Vision & Hearing)
Force Field (Personal)
Comprehend Languages
Enhanced Senses (variety)


Tucked between two much more modern buildings on a busy downtown street one can find a small curious shop called Enchantment. Immediately inside one can find strange and possibly creepy d├ęcor and souvenirs, but further into the shop reveals alchemical potions and magic trinkets for a vast array troubles and desires. The shop keep is a woman clad in a black dress with haunting purple eyes and a friendly smile. She introduces herself as Witch to any that ask her name. She assures all customers that the magical properties of all her wares are genuine, and indeed they are. The responsible believer in her work will also find that she is willing to do work outside of her shop as well. Alchemical transmutation, magical translation, and peaking back into the past are a few examples of her common requests. She is especially eager to take any job that promises magical or occult text / knowledge as a part of the payment.

Witch’s power comes from her bloodline, hence the purples eyes. Her family and a few others that possess this talent have cultivated their abilities and passed them down for generations.


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