15-foot-tall gorilla


Before his capture, The Great Mukla (as he likes to be called) was king of the jungle in a far away part of the continent. He was since enslaved and used for research at TAISAR, where he was renamed “Jo-Jo” by the researcher in charge of him, Helga Jackson. Until recently he stood 7 feet tall on his hind legs, but in This is bananas! he was seen to be 15 feet tall, with a great deal of intimidating majesty and a hypnotic roar. Experimentation being done on him by Helga seems to be the cause – Mukla noted beams of light and having seen green crystals in the lab where he was being held.

Mukla has asked the Protectors to aid him in bringing Helga Jackson to justice, and in freeing his family who are (according to him) still being experimented on by TAISAR.



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