Protectors of Emerald City

We have to kill him

Just trust me on this one

K12 was a little flustered at being hugged by this stranger, Xal’Thuran, and called “brother”. Xal asked K12 how it was that he came to be on Earth. “Did the Plibs bring you here?” K12 had no idea what the “Plibs” were, and said so to Xal. A look of fear came over Xal’Thuran’s face. “So then you must be a recon”.

At this point K12 came to a realization.

“Guys, we have to kill him.”

Our other heroes were taken aback by this statement, and asked K12 why they had to kill Xal’Thuran. K12 said “We just have to. Trust me on this one”. Xal’Thuran began to say something, when K12 attacked him. Some of our heroes aided K12 in attacking Xal, while others stood back to see what Xal would say.

Over the course of the first two combat rounds, Xal’Thuran was able to explain that K12 was put on Earth by the Allaurons as an unknowing spy, and was implanted with a monitoring device at the base of his neck. Hoenheim was able to use his alchemical sensing powers to confirm that there was some metal object embedded in K12’s spine at the base of his neck.

It became clearer to our heroes that it might be worth listening to Xal, who had not yet attacked and at this point had turned into a giant rock. At least until they removed whatever was inside K12. After some more combat they were able to subdue him. Then Xal’Thuran removed the device from K12.

Our heroes and Xal returned to Doctor Tau’s lab and waited for K12 to recover. Xal’Thuran was reluctant to say much without K12 conscious.

Once K12 regained consciousness, Xal’Thuran said a number of things that the GM remembers in no particular order.

On Allaura, the home planet of the Allaurons, society is divided into the “plebians” and the “borgians” (the working and ruling classes), referred to colloquially as the Pleebs and the Borgs. Plebians are conscripted for a number of tasks. Xal’Thuran was taken from his work as a “community beautification officer” to become a “recon”.

Xal explained that a recon is an Allauron disguised in some way to infiltrate human society, who is then brainwashed to forget that they are an Allauron. They are also implanted with monitoring equipment so the Borgs can see what they see and subtly (or not-so-subtly) influence their thoughts.

While Xal’Thuran was being prepared for recon, he was freed by a Plebian Liberation vessel headed by “Auntie Bee”. The Plebian Liberation Front, or “Plibs”, are a group that seek to liberate the Pleebs from the Borgs.

As Xal’Thuran was now essentially a deserter, the Plibs brought him down to Earth to live the rest of his life. Knowing now a bit about Earth, and empathizing with its animals who are repressed by Humans, Xal decided to find fitting creatures to bestow powers upon. This all happened a few months before K12 was found by Doctor Tau.

So why are the Allaurons interested in Earth and Humans at all? Allaurons are heavily dependent on Adamantite, and the supply on their planet is slowly running out. It is set to deplete within the next few centuries. Thus, they have begun searching for Adamantite throughout the universe.

Why remain secret from humans? The Allaurons are very intrigued by humans and the way that Adamantite is interacting with them. It is reminiscent of the early days of the development of the Allauron species. They don’t want to interfere with the natural course of human history, unless they must.

What do you mean, Adamantite interacting with humans? Is it sentient or something? Yes. Yes it is sentient. Adamantite is a hub for Adamantons, subatomic particles which the Adamantite consciousness is made of. All the effects of Adamantite are manifested through the actions of Adamantons. Allaurons gained their powers essentially by enslaving Adamantons.

When shown the Adamantite that came from the goo monster in A Sticky Situation, Xal’Thuran was intrigued. He explained that the Adamantite is angry. At what, Xal was not sure. Oh, and the multiple crystals that Tau left in his drawer somehow joined into one crystal while they were left there. Spooky.

When asked how he knew K12 was an Allauron, Xal’Thuran responded that he has a special ability to identify other Allaurons. It is rare among the Allaurons to be able to do this.

Xal’Thuran was asked whether he’s seen Hoenheim’s father, and shown a photo. Xal had never seen the man, but explained that the borgians sometimes kidnapped humans who are experts on Adamantite to assist them with their excavation and research projects.

Xal suggested that the Plibs may be able to help K12 regain some of his Allauron powers and memories. He wasn’t sure how to find the Plibs, but revealed that they operate space ships that communicate using radio frequencies with a certain kind of encryption, that makes it hard to find unless you know what you’re looking for. Now our heroes know what they’re looking for. The Plibs also may know something about the whereabouts of Hoenheim’s father.

Our heroes decide they should track down the Plibs in search of more information. Xal cannot return to the crocs, as he is sure the Borgs will be looking for him there. He instead will venture out to the East in search for species which are worthy of having powers bestowed upon them.

What is in store for our heroes next? Will they find the Plibs? Will they know where Hoenheim’s father is? Will K12 regain his memories? What horrors might Xal’Thuran unwittingly unleash on Emerald City? Will there be some huge war like in Lord of the Rings, but with the humans and all of Xal’Thuran’s followers against the Allaurons? Or will we have a filler episode involving zombies? Find out next time on Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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