Protectors of Emerald City

Today was a good day...

to die!

Following their spectacular escape from the SS Bakron, our heroes found themselves stranded in space. R2 and D2 further introduced themselves, discussing their roles in research and development. While they were the original designers of the Behemoth, they couldn’t recall anything that could be used to destroy it.

Soon the Protectors saw a speck of a spaceship in the distance. As it came closer, they realized it was the Hive, come to rescue them. Soon they were all aboard, and reunited with their Plib friends.

However, the Plibs had some grave news. They had intercepted communications revealing that the Behemoth was headed to Earth. The Behemoth is a ship several times larger than Emerald City that specializes in harvesting adamantite. In approximately a week, it would arrive near Earth and start harvesting. Our heroes put 2 and 2 together with Nek’ilash gloating about Emerald City’s days being numbered to realize the ship would likely be targeting their home.

Additionally, R2 and D2 realized that it was probably very bad that the Bakron still had its research notes about Doctor Tau’s gloves. They might be able to use them to miniaturize their portal systems.

There was a significant amount of debate between R2 and D2, the Plibs, and the Protectors over our heroes’ next steps, given this new knowledge. In the end they decided to go back and capture the Bakron, Dimitri and Olga would destroy the research wing, while the Protectors went to the bridge to commandeer the ship. After incapacitating and capturing Nek’ilash, they would release the ship crew on a deserted but habitable planet, with the intention to let the Borgians know where they were dropped off. The Bakron would then be turned over to the Plibs. Hopefully capturing Nek’ilash would give them some sort of edge against the Behemoth.

Our heroes infiltrated the ship, yada yada, fast forward and they’re in the bridge, completely invisible and undetectable to any reasonable senses thanks to a combination of an invention from Tau and a ritual from Witch. At the helm was Nek’ilash, whose platform was encased in some kind of force-field bubble. Luckily our heroes spotted a large switch next to the platform which read “NEKILASH ONLY” on one side and “MEH.” on the other side. Our heroes discretely flipped the switch to MEH, so that the force field would allow them through.

Nek’ilash appeared to be dictating one of his star logs. “Today was a good day…” he began, when K12 suddenly jumped out of the invisibility behind him, holding an icicle to Nek’ilash’s throat. “To die!” K12 finished. “Try anything and you’re dead, buddy,” said K12. “I’m not your buddy, pal. Who are you anyways?” asked Nek’ilash. “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” replied K12. “We’re taking over the ship.” “And how do you think you’re going to accomplish that?” asked Nek’ilash. “Wait, how were we going to accomplish that?” K12 asked himself.

But that thought was interrupted by what seemed to be a large explosion. When our heroes recovered their senses, they saw that Nek’ilash had suddenly transformed into a giant Kraken. The mass increase from the transformation had blasted everyone back, including several of the crocodillian ship crew who were knocked unconscious. Everyone rolled for initiative.

Nek’ilash’s tentacles were deadly, incapacitating either K12 or Witch (the GM can’t remember) in one squeeze! They were quickly brought back to fighting condition by Hoenheim’s healing ability. First our heroes dispatched the remaining conscious crocodillian Allaurons. Then they attacked Nek’ilash repeatedly until he was incapacitated. The Protectors then locked down the bridge.

With Nek’ilash captured, the rest of the ship’s crew was dropped off on a nearby planet. The Bakron was renamed to the Bit’ron, and handed over to the control of the Plebian Liberation Front.

What comes next for our heroes? Will they successfully convince Nek’thulan to spare Emerald City in exchange for the life of his son? Or will they find a way to destroy the Behemoth altogether? And what kind of starship captain begins his log with “Today was a good day” anyways? Find out next time on Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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