Protectors of Emerald City

That looks familiar

Pics or it didn't happen

In this flash-back episode, our heroes explored the TAISAR weather station they found out about from Helga Jackson in Sixty Feet Under.

The outpost was north of Emerald City, about an hour’s flight away from where Doctor Tau found K12 in We Allauroned Alot Today. Our heroes took the car as far as they could so as not to attract attention, then ventured by flight and platform-jumping to the outpost. As far as they could tell, it was just a normal weather station, equipped with meteorological instrumentation and radar. Doctor Tau noted, however, that the radar was equipped with targeting technology that could be used to monitor and identify aircraft. Fishy.

On the way back to Emerald City, Hoenheim noticed a rolled cigarette butt next to a smoldering fire which caught his eye. It was rolled in the same way as his father used to do. On closer inspection, the fire was also stacked in the way his father used to, and there were footprints around the campsite that matched his father’s foot size, more or less. Hoenheim showed the rest of our heroes a photo of his father smoking one of his rolled cigarettes for comparison. Upon seeing this photo, K12 realized that he had seen this man before, on an Allauron ship! Gasp! This man is really becoming important enough that we should have a name for him.

Witch tried to use her postcognition to determine whether Hoenheim’s father was here, but to no avail. Our heroes tracked the footprints to an open meadow, where they vanished. Nearby, Doctor Tau found three circular imprints where grass and small plants had been crushed – likely by a spaceship! What was going on between Hoenheim’s dad and the Allaurons? We took a few moments to reflect on Hoenheim’s history, which is unfortunately still not in the wiki.

This prompted our heroes to reinvestigate the area where K12 was found by Doctor Tau, an hour’s flight away. Inside the tunnel, our heroes found the location where Doctor Tau remembered finding the door, but it was no longer there – portals into the wall found only rock. On further reflection, Tau noticed that the tunnel had changed in subtle ways. After circling the tunnel to see if they had the wrong location, Witch used her postcognition and confirmed that the area had indeed been altered by some sort of power. Fishier and fishier.

Why was Hoenheim’s dad seen by K12 with the Allaurons? And why was he back near Emerald City? What happened to the location where K12 was found? Is Hoenheim’s dad an Allauron? What is an Allauron anyways? Find out in a future epsiode of Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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