Protectors of Emerald City

Taking out the Trash

Are two Placards really better than one?

Disclaimer: Some things might have happened in different orders. This was written two weeks after the session.

Our heroes continued to discuss possibilities for investigating police collusion with the Lorenzos and figuring out who took the coke from the Butcher’s. Alexis followed up on the suspicions of our heroes that someone from waste management might be involved, and called up its director, Francine Placard, to ask about the employee schedule. Francine wasn’t sure about who worked where when, but invited our heroes to come down to the Downtown waste management offices and figure it out themselves.

Our heroes entered the plain, dreary waste management building, and found Francine’s door with a gold-plated nameplate. They ventured into her office and found it was quite lavish in comparison to the rest of the office building, with mahogany walls and intricate paperweights. Francine explained that the employee work records are kept in an office “down the hall”, and told our heroes they should be able to find it. When asked, she offered our heroes guest badges from an envelope by her door, of which there was only one. Apparently she had forgotten to refill the envelope that morning.

At some point our heroes noticed that the garbage collector uniform is the same shade of blue as the police uniforms (though the GM neglected to inform them of this until later).

When our heroes found the records office, it was locked, and Doctor Tau had to go back to get the key from Francine. Once inside the office, Witch tackled the paper records while Doctor Tau handled the electronic system. Doctor Tau identified about seven names that could have handled the route to La Flamenco Vive on days with salt deliveries, and Witch found each of their personnel files, with their home addresses.

At this point, Shadow got in touch with our heroes. It turns out that the Lorenzos had been transferring money to only two police officers, Sam Adams and Maxwell Wiggins, who are partners in the force. Shadow and our heroes suspected that these two officers were informing the Lorenzos about police activity, which meant that it would be hard to find them acting suspiciously.

Shadow also found money being transferred to a man named Weston Dogoode. Witch and Doctor Tau realized that Weston was one of the names on the list of garbage collectors! When informed of this, Shadow offered to track Weston down using the GPS on his garbage truck, and our heroes were informed of his location. “Let’s go take out the trash!” K12 proclaimed. Witch sighed.

While Witch stayed in the car, the rest of our heroes stalked the garbage truck from rooftops while it went down a downtown back alley (you know, that space in behind buildings, not a normal road). As it made one of its stops, our heroes accosted the garbage truck. After binding Weston to the ground, Hoenheim brought up walls to prevent escape and onlookers, and similarly bound the driver of the truck. Hoenheim then intimidated Weston into submission, Terminator-style, while K12 handled the driver. Hoenheim learned that Weston had recovered the coke from the butcher’s, and stored it in his locker at the waste management center in the Docks. He convinced Weston to testify against the Lorenzos, provided they would protect him. And so Weston was brought back to Doctor Tau’s installation for holding.

Our heroes decided to tuck their knowledge about Sam Adams and Maxwell Wiggins in their back pocket and go in search of their next adventure. With the Lorenzos under wraps, they would be underground anyways. For details about their flashback adventure, read That looks familiar, and remember to join us next time on Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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