Protectors of Emerald City

Something in the Sewers

Our heroes were asked to investigate the recent disappearance of an on-duty sewer worker. While exploring the route the worker was thought to have taken, they found scratch marks which Hoenheim and Doctor Tau concluded were likely from a large humanoid crocodile that had been sighted in the sewers in the past.

Our heroes called in Randy, who backed up this story, explaining that crocodiles had been occupying the flooded sewer areas underneath The Docks over the past month, led by The Croc.

Our heroes went to explore this flooded area, with Hoenheim taking the lead as bait. Eventually he ran into two crocodiles, quickly crushing one as the other fled. The rest of our heroes caught up, soon to be ambushed by The Croc with two more crocodile followers. The walkway was destroyed, sending our heroes into the water below.

However, K12 quickly neutralized the Croc’s followers by freezing the sewer water. Realizing he was outmatched, The Croc began to flee, digging through the sewer floor and off to one side. Our heroes followed him, able to keep pace, when The Croc broke through into another sewer channel, flooding the tunnel! What a setback!

What will happen to our heroes now? Will they be able to catch up to the Croc? Why is the Croc here? And what’s up with him? Is he human, or a crocodile? To answer these questions and more, stay tuned to Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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