Protectors of Emerald City

Mossed Planet

It's barrels of fungi!

With 50 minutes until session, the GM wrote another quick summary.

Our heroes were thanked by Thomas Arkmann and his secretaries at city hall for saving TAISAR from Humans First. Punk secretary had with a red streak in her hair, wearing a navy blue sailor top and skirt along with red gloves and a red neck tie. Glasses secretary wore glasses, with done-up brown hair, wearing a pencil skirt and tights, and holding a clipboard and pen. Pink secretary had curly pink locks, and was wearing a white sweet lolita dress with pink lacing and a maching parasol.

K12 asked the secretaries for their contact information and was promptly smacked upside the head by Hoenheim. Glasses secretary quickly scribbled a number on a piece of paper and handed it to K12, stating it was the main contact line for Thomas Arkmann’s office.

Arkmann asked our heroes if they wanted anything in return for their deeds. Hoenheim asked for a protective super-shield. Arkmann said they were actually working on something like that at TAISAR, and that he would give Hoenheim the working prototype once it is complete.

Getting ready to go, our heroes considered what happened the last time they all left and asked Doctor Tau to stay behind to keep an eye on Earth as the rest of the heroes went in search of Molarian moss to unlock K12’s powers and memories. Tau was like “no” and arranged for Shadow to keep tabs on what’s going on with the city and contact them by neutrinos if something came up.

And so our heroes set off for Gaiana. “Let’s get that red moss!” exclaimed K12. “I think you mean purple moss,” corrected Sy. “Yeah, that” replied K12.

When they reached Gaiana, our heroes got a description of the moss from Sy, and promptly set down on the planet to search for it. Tau stayed on the ship. The planet was alive, moss, mushrooms, fungi, yadayada. Witch gathered a bunch of glowing purple mushrooms along the way.

Buzzing insects began to swarm and bite at our heroes. Then each of Hoenheim, K12, and Witch saw the others’ eyes turn purple and start to attack them. It was an illusion. Gasp. Hoenheim dug himself into the ground and figured out there was some weird spore stuff inside him with his alchemical sensing abilities, and with much difficulty removed it from his body.

Hoenheim tried to explain what was going on to Witch, who was telepathically communicating with him, but Witch just wouldn’t believe that this was an illusion. K12 got knocked out somehow, Hoenheim removed the spores from K12, Witch eventually decided “OK I guess Hoenheim isn’t lying” and Hoenheim removed the spores from her too.

Our heroes were soon contacted by Sy, who said similar things were happening to Dimitri and Olga, who were also on the planet in search of the moss. Our heroes suggested to Sy that he should bring Olga and Dimitri back on the ship, so that Hoenheim could cure them.

Then our heroes went back on the ship, and Hoenheim cured Olga and Dimitri.

With a shiny set of spacesuits to protect them, our heroes went back down to Gaiana’s surface. Eventually they came to a very dry area with vines all over the surface. The vines attacked and grabbed on to Witch. K12 decided the vines would be no match for fire, and launched a fire attack. All the vines caught on fire very rapidly, including the ones holding Witch, who began to take fire damage. Hoenheim freed Witch from the vines, as a strange gooey liquid began seeping out through the ground.

K12 realized that he had the perfect remedy to a bunch of fire – water! So he created a bunch of water and doused the area around Witch and Hoenheim. This caused the liquid seeping out through the ground to splash up, and Hoenheim and Witch took acid damage. This just wasn’t K12’s day.

But with Witch free, everyone got out of there. Fire and acid engulfed the area they left so it could be born anew. With damaged spacesuits, our heroes returned to the ship to get a new set.

This time, they decided to ask Sy a bit more about the planet, where they would find the moss, and what dangers to expect. Sy explained that he didn’t know about the illusory spores, but that the ground acid should be the most dangerous thing on the planet. He didn’t think our heroes would set it on fire. He also explained that the moss is found in damp environments, and is likely to grow underneath some of the tall tree-like fungi that are spread throughout the planet. He also explained that to gather the moss, they should cut out the root system with it, or it would promptly die. This wouldn’t be enough damage to the surface to trigger acidic death.

Our heroes went back down to Gaiana’s surface, and after some searching of humid areas eventually found the moss. They gathered it, and returned to the ship victorious.

And so, our heroes had found the elusive Molarian moss. Would this moss really help in unlocking K12’s powers and memories? What does K12’s past have in store? Would his luck finally improve? And what will Witch do with those glowing mushrooms? Find out next time on Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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