Protectors of Emerald City

Do we really trust a crow

Also: Wow, she's actually a bee.

Having emerged victorious, our heroes looted Yomi Izanami’s hideout. Witch began frantically scouring the rooms for signs of “Book”, while the rest of our heroes more calmly explored the lair.

Doctor Tau came upon a room with many crystals, gems, and inscriptions laid about. He was particularly intrigued with a circular table in the center of the room. It had seven gemstones equally spaced around the edges of the table, with an alchemy circle intricately inscribed in the table. In the center of the table there was a piece of Adamantite.

Tau was suspicious, and carefully inspected the stones to ensure that he indeed thought they were plain gemstones and that the crystal in the center was indeed Adamantite. He then photographed the scene and gathered the gemstones and crystal up to take back to his lab. K12 and/or Hoenheim might also have come into the room to look at the setup, but the GM can’t remember.

Meanwhile, Witch came upon a small library. Along the edges of the room were sets of bookshelves, but Witch’s eyes were immediately drawn to the pedestal in the center of the room, which held a black book emanating a dark aura. This was Yomi’s Book that Witch sought.

Despite her enthusiasm, Witch was wary of this book, which was bound shut with black leather straps. She tried to open Book with her telekinetic powers, but the book refused to open. She sought out a fire poker to open Book with, but that also failed. Eventually she decided to open Book with her hands.

On touching Book, the dark aura that surrounded it was sucked into Witch through her hands, and the black lace that held Book shut dematerialized. WItch eagerly opened Book, only to see that the inside was blank. She spent some time looking at the book, using her arcane knowledge to sense what was going on. Doing this, she realized that Book thirsted for her blood. So she cut herself and gave it some. On doing this, the blood soaked into the pages of Book, and red lettering appeared.

Witch was excited by this, but explored the rest of the room rather than reading all of Book right now. She found many books that covered topics she was already familiar with, but also several on lightning magic and necromancy that were unknown to her. She looted a number of tomes to bring back to her shop for reading.

And so our heroes returned home. Witch went to her shop and began reading, while the rest of our heroes went to Doctor Tau’s lab. Oh, and they also brought back Yomi to be kept in a holding cell, while a more suitable cell gets constructed in the Emerald City Superprison.

At his lab, Doctor Tau did some further investigation of the crystal and gemstones he gathered at Yomi’s hideout. He discovered that these were indeed regular gemstones, and adamantite. He put the adamantite away in the drawer with his other crystals.

Then Doctor Tau spent a few hours walking aimlessly around his lab. He knew there was something he was forgetting to do, but entirely forgot what it was. And so he twiddled his thumbs. Eventually Hoenheim came up to Tau and asked him how the radar monitoring was going, and whether he had spotted any Plibs. “Right. That.” replied Tau, returning to the monitoring equipment.

On returning to the monitor, Tau discovered that here was in fact a Plib radio signal moving around Emerald City. It wasn’t moving along road or sewer lines, implying it was likely flying overhead. Hoenheim and K12 went out to investigate the source.

With Tau navigating from the lab, they eventually reached a rooftop very close to the radio source. “Skree! Thank goodness I found you, skree skree” went a voice overhead. A crow came down and landed on Hoenheim’s shoulder.

“Xal’Thuran was able to set up a meeting with the Plibs skree” said the crow. “Who are you and why on earth should we trust you? How do we know Xal’Thuran sent you?” asked K12. “Skree… he told me to tell you ‘hello brother’”. “I’m not convinced,” replied K12. However, K12 and Hoenheim agreed that they should probably follow along with the crow anyways, wary for a trap.

The crow explained that they were to go to a certain field east of Emerald City in a day. A tracker on the crow would allow the Plibs to locate our heroes and beam them onto their ship in orbit around Earth.

[GM’s note: 15 minutes to session so the synopsis will have to speed up a bit]

The crow also took a liking to Hoenheim.

The next day our heroes and the crow went to the aforementioned field and waited to be beamed up. With a flash of light, they soon found themselves inside the spaceship in a room made of a steel-like metal. A man with black hair, thick prescription goggles, and a lab coat opened the door to the room. “Great, it worked! We weren’t quite sure if the beamer worked on this thing”. The goggle-clad individual introduced himself as Sy. “You should come meet the rest of the crew!”

Our group was introduced to the rest of the crew. Auntie Bee was in fact a bee, and spoke to our heroes with telepathy. Chio (short for Xi’Orath) was a tabby cat and also communicated telepathically. Olga “the Butcher” and Dimitri “the Hunter” were two recons placed in the Russian government who were rescued by the Plibs.

Sy showed our heroes this cool fluid he invented that, when sprayed on glass, makes it so it doesn’t get dirty! Tau was very excited about this, and the two agreed to have Tau distribute it on Earth in some way.

There was some amount of discussion about the situation of the Plibs and Allaurons in general, but the GM is fuzzy on the details. Auntie Bee did explain that the Plibs in general want to free the Plebians from the rule of the Borgs, but that their vessel’s job is currently to rescue individual Plebs from the Borgs. Oh, and there exist 1342 sentient species in the universe that the Allaurons are aware of.

The Plibs told our heroes they could help look for Hoenheim’s father, and Sy was quite excited to try to unlock K12’s powers and memories, but the Plibs told our heroes that they have a pressing mission on hand to rescue a recon. They would like our heroes’ help. Our heroes agreed to assist the Plibs on this mission.

What will Witch learn from Book when she returns? How will our heroes rescue the recon? Will Sy’s eternal window cleaner achieve international acclaim? Find out in a future episode of Protectors of Emerald City!


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