Protectors of Emerald City

Bakron Track

Let's go! Wait, where are we again?

In this episode of Protectors of Emerald City, our heroes had been captured by Nek’ilash, K12’s nemesis, and were being held abord the S.S. Bakron. K12, Hoenheim, Witch, and Doctor Tau were all in forcefield-laden cages (the same that had held K12 in We Allauroned Alot Today). Hoenheim tried to grow a carbon pole to break open his cage, but it wasn’t able to exert enough force. Doctor Tau noticed a large red button on the wall, but it was too far out of reach for our heroes. Witch used all the power she could muster to use her morph ability to extend her arm to press the button, and was successful!

When Witch did this, the room fell into darkness. K12 lit the room with a flame, which allowed our heroes to see the force fields on their cages were disabled. Hoenheim broke everyone out of their cages, except for K12 who was attempting to break out of his own cage by freezing the metal bars to make them brittle. After a minute or so, K12 was successful and joined the others.

Our heroes wanted to escape the SS Bakron, to be sure, but first they needed to recover their belongings. Most importantly, Doctor Tau was missing his gloves, and did not want to leave them in the hands of the Borgians.

The Protectors decided to infiltrate the security room to find out where the gloves were, and to create further distraction from their whereabouts. On the way they beat up some humanoid robots, and Tau got his hands on a phaser. Inside the security room was a very evil looking Gorilla. Like, don’t worry about beating him up because he’s obviously up to no good. The fight with this gorilla (who was likely a Borgian anyways, I mean, look at how evil his face is) was concluded when Witch took control of him with her magic.

On the security room monitors, our heroes could see that Nek’ilash was in charge of the ship and located in the Bridge. The Gorilla told our heroes that Tau’s gloves were being kept in the science wing. Witch also went to the adjacent room (with all the breakers and ethernet-looking cables) and flipped off a bunch of switches, giving the attendant in that room quite a fright and turning off power in large sections of the ship.

The Gorilla led our heroes to the science wing. On the way, they encountered another squad of humanoid robots, being led by a large lizard-like creature (also presumably a Borgian, with such an evil-looking face, despite having no eyes). The lizard-like creature seemed to immediately know that the Gorilla was being influenced. Doctor Tau was able to discern the cooling vents on these robots which would allow our heroes to shoot at their battery packs, leading to explosion. Over several rounds of combat our heroes defeated this squadron, while the Gorilla being controlled by Witch sat in a corner and ate a banana, having not been given instructions. He didn’t share, because he’s so evil.

When our heroes reached the science wing, Witch instructed the Gorilla to enter the wing, and try to retrieve Tau’s gloves without any trouble. If he couldn’t do this, he was to return to our heroes as soon as possible. The Gorilla entered the room, and spotted a fellow Gorilla and Lizard-thing on the other side of the wing. The lizard-thing was immediately alerted to the controlled Gorilla’s presence, and began approaching it. The Gorilla saw this and retreated. And then we rolled for initiative.

Combat began with Witch’s controlled Gorilla running up to the enemy Lizard-thing, and immediately smacking the Lizard-thing’s head clear off of its body. You really don’t want to get hit by one of these Gorillas when they roll a 20. During combat, Tau put on his gloves to the protests of one of the human (but presumably Allauron) scientists, whom Tau knocked out with a smack to the head from one of the gloves. After some more combat rounds the enemy Gorilla was also subdued.

The other two scientists who had been in the room asked our heroes if they were here to rescue them. They were Plebians, and introduced themselves as R2 and D2. Our heroes explained that they were escaping themselves, but agreed to bring R2 and D2 along. D2 told our heroes that there was a ship in the engineering bay that might be used to escape. Our heroes also considered commandeering the Bakron by taking over the bridge. In the end, they decided to escape (after retrieving the rest of their belongings from a nearby closet).

Miraculously, our heroes reached the engineering bay without incident, and it appeared that nobody was inside. They entered and saw a small vessel in the middle of the room. Tau approached the vessel, and soon the doors behind them closed and alarms began going off in the room. In the distance, a loud speaker was announcing that intruders were in the engineering bay, and to go there at once. Time was ticking.

Tau figured out how to get inside the vessel, and the rest of our heroes (and R2 and D2) followed. Tau attempted to start the vessel, but nothing happened. R2 and D2 and Doctor Tau inspected the ship and quickly found that the battery pack had not been inserted and was plugged in to a nearby charging station. Witch got the Gorilla to insert the battery pack, and our heroes re-entered the vessel, sealing themselves inside.

At this point, enemies began pouring into the room (mostly robots, but also a couple Gorillas and Lizard-things, which seem to be pretty standard Bakron security). Our heroes realized they had no way to open the shutter on the wall that would lead outside the ship! But Tau saved the day, by super-charging his portal glove to open a portal through the wall of the ship large enough to steer the vessel through. When he did so, most of the enemies in the room flew out into space, except for the Gorilla being controlled by Witch who was instructed to hold on to something. Our heroes piloted the vessel out, and escaped the Bakron.

“… so guys, where are we?” asked K12, looking out at an unfamiliar sky.

With our heroes having escaped the Bakron, what is in store for them next? What did Nek’ilash mean when he said it would be “too late” for Emerald City? What’s the story with R2 and D2? Where are our heroes? And how will they know what to do without the guidance of Jean Placard? Find out next time on Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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