Protectors of Emerald City

Attack of the Giant Worm

Decompose yourself for this one

Earthquakes were taking place periodically throughout the city. Doctor τ and “R” got in touch and began discussing them. The vibrations had strange waveforms, and they seemed to have originated from a graveyard and a number of garbage dumps, which do not lie on fault lines.

Our heroes investigated, apart from Hoenheim who was intent on finishing the video game Last Dream IV. They went to the last garbage dump that hadn’t been hit by a quake, and when the quake hit they dug deep down. They soon found a giant worm was burrowing throughout the dump. Just as they came up with a plan of attack, the worm left.

But our heroes were hot on its trail, predicting it would hit a nearby graveyard next. They set up for the attack, digging a deep trench along the main rode that intersects the graveyard. When the worm arrived, they attacked!

K12 soon found himself in a sticky situation, devoured by the beast! Witch mind controlled it, but was unable to counter the involuntary digestive impulses of the giant worm. However, K12 took some rock that had been consumed by the creature, and shaped it into a sharp disc sword. With this, he sliced the creature in two, sealing its demise. He celebrated by gathering some of the worm’s internals to use in making Soushma later on.

With the creature and much of this graveyard destroyed, what is in store for our heroes next? Will Humans First use the destruction of another graveyard as fuel to fan the anti-hero flames? What caused this giant worm to come to existence in the first place? Will Hoenheim finally beat that game and rejoin our heroes? Find out next time on Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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