Protectors of Emerald City


Where am I? I can't remember...

It’s been about 3 months since this session took place, so this is gonna be short.

Our heroes were at home doing stuff, and each of them was attacked and abducted by something that seemed tailor-made for them. Witch was led into a room with magical books that knocked her out with sleeping gas. Hoenheim and K12 ran into a falcon trainer out in a field who captured them somehow. And Tau was attacked in his lab by someone with an EMP which disabled his gloves.

Our heroes were brought on board the S.S. Bakron and confined to cells like the one in which K12 was originally found. The ship is under the command of Nek’ilash, the Allauron who doomed K12 to become a recon. Nek’ilash spent a fair amount of time gloating over the Protectors’ capture, revealing that it would soon be “too late” for Emerald City, now that the Protectors are out of the picture.

What will happen now? Will the Protectors be able to free themselves? What is in store for Emerald City? How many Hero Points does everyone have? Find out next time on Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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