Protectors of Emerald City

A Spark in the Shadow

In return for Shadow’s help in Taking out the Trash, our heroes agreed to help Shadow in capturing Electro, a mysterious being who exists within electrical impulses. Shadow explained to our heroes how Electro was responsible for a string of deaths related to Truebuilt Construction.

There was the issue that Shadow wanted Electro captured alive. Shadow predicted Electro would take control of a new robot called CASA, which would be unveiled by Truebuilt Construction, and use it to wreak havoc. This robot would be disconnected from the electrical grid, allowing our heroes to incapacitate it and take its core back to Shadow. The wrong move could be disastrous, however, since the torso of the robot contained a nuclear fission reactor to power it.

Our heroes called Truebuilt Construction to try to gain intel on CASA’s specs. Through a series of passed persuasion checks, our heroes were put in touch with a fairly ridiculous engineer who told them about all the crazy deadly contraptions equipped on CASA, including homing missiles, drills, jet propulsion, and a gigantic nail gun.

The day of the unveiling, our heroes gathered around the construction site where CASA was displayed. Unfortunately, Hoenheim got distracted by the video game console he recently borrowed from Doctor Tau, and so was not present.

There was a long and arduous battle. Doctor Tau kept on attention procuring portals to prevent the propulsion projectiles of CASA from pulverizing our super-powered Protectors. Witch used her necrotic powers to slowly rust and destroy CASA’s casing. K12 narrowly avoided many long nails that were projected at him and landed many a hit on CASA, but I don’t remember them doing much.

It seemed the battle was going nowhere – CASA’s defenses were formidable, as was Doctor Tau’s ability to prevent CASA’s projectiles from damaging his comrades. Around then, Hoenheim apparently remembered he had something important to do, and lept in from the sky, landing in a gigantic crater. Shortly after, our heroes took down the giant robot (Witch was still doing most of the heavy lifting), with the final blow dealt by K12 (I guess his hits did do something).

With CASA defeated, it was time to confront Electro, the one in control of the robot. Electro led our heroes to believe that it was created by Shadow, and enslaved to do her bidding, but Electro’s story didn’t add up. They soon found Electro was just stalling for time as it broke through the nuclear fission systems, and set the core to meltdown. However, Doctor Tau was able to combine his nuclear know-how with K12’s cooling capabilities to prevent the meltdown from taking place. With Electro fully neutralized, our heroes brought the CASA casing to Shadow.

With the stories Electro had been telling, Shadow had some explaining to do. She explained that Electro was her brother, who was seeking vengeance for the death of their father. He had gone behind her back to turn himself into the form he is now using untested technology she had created. She wanted to capture Electro alive so she can return her brother to his original form – his body slipped into a coma when his consciousness left it.

Witch, Hoenheim and K12 went home while Doctor Tau stuck around to assist Shadow with some electrical work that would be necessary to neutralize the fission reactor inside CASA. As they worked, Shadow made her admiration for Tau known (nudge nudge, wink wink), and so a relationship began.

What’s in store for our heroes now? Find out next time on Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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