Protectors of Emerald City

A Bone to Pick

"Yep, it's definitely a rock."

Doctor Tau gathered a sample of rock from the crumbled pseudo-Witch, and brought it back to his lab to analyze. Meanwhile Witch went back to her shop, while Hoenheim and K12 did Hoenheim and K12 stuff. And of course, Hoenheim didn’t do it alone, whatever it was.

When she returned to her shop, Witch found it had been trashed, presumably by Yomi but potentially by disgruntled citizens of Emerald City. She began cleaning it up, and this took the remainder of the day. At the end of the day, Witch received a call from her cultist friend, who has a friend of a friend whose husband took off north of the city to join Yomi‘s cult. The friend wasn’t sure where.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, Doctor Tau was making slow progress. For the first few hours, all he could determine was that this was, indeed, a sample of rock. He called over Hoenheim to help, and together they made a breakthrough discovery, determining it came from Withering Peak, a mountain north of Emerald City.

And so, having corroborated the information gained by Witch and Tau, our heroes set off to Withering Peak.

At Withering Peak, Hoenheim picked up the trail of a cultist and scouted ahead. Once he determined the cultist hideout was just nearby, Witch took over, using her powers of concealment. She entered the clearing where the hideout was located, and saw a ring of cultists around a fire below a balcony where Yomi watched over them. The hideout itself was made of bones, and was built into the side of the mountain. Seeing this, Witch returned to the rest of the group.

Our heroes decided on a plan of attack. They would approach the hideout from further up on the mountain, and tunnel into the hideout from behind. They took some time to stealthily circle the mountain, and began tunneling in. Eventually they came to the ceiling of a room with three cultists below.

Breaking through the rock ceiling, our heroes got the jump on the cultists, and swiftly took them out. But lo and behold, another cultist soon came into the room to see what was causing all this noise. Spotting the Protectors, the cultist turned and ran, shouting for help. Doctor Tau was swift to place a portal bringing this cultist back into the room, and the cultist was unable to escape. But the alarm had been sounded; Soon more cultists came piling into the room, and Yomi discovered the intruders.

However, with their fortified position and superior ability, our heroes quickly dispatched of all the cultists who entered the room. Yomi too was taken down, while the GM was in too much of a feverish haze to remember the details. And so our heroes emerged victorious, and began to loot the hideout.

Will Witch finally “find book”? What other texts and tomes might she find? Will we finally get back to the Allauron plotline? Find out next time on Protectors of Emerald City!


Twyne Twyne

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